Rail Bridge Examinations: Overbridges & Underbridges

Our skilled team of examiners are highly competent in rail bridge examinations, providing detailed and visual inspections for concrete, brick and timber underbridges and overbridges.

We offer an end-to-end service from possession planning to safety critical staff, to ensure that bridges are safe and reliable for trains, workers and the community.

We work with our clients to deliver excellent customer service throughout all projects.

The Examiner will examine all elements of the overbridge and underbridge and make note of any defects in the brickwork, masonry, steel or concrete.

  • A single span brick underbridge .
  • A brick underbridge in a town.
  • A single span brick overbridge over railway line.
  • A double span brick overbridge.
  • A large multiple span brick overbridge.
  • A brick overbridge at a railway station.

Examinations can include:

• Abutments and/or piers
• Soffit/arch barrel
• Trackside face of parapet sections and condition of handrailing
• Wingwalls
• Bearings and support where relevant
• General alignment of the track and ballast
• Lineside vegetation and boundary fencing
• Condition of any timber members where relevant

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