Railway Footbridge Examinations

We work directly with Possession Planners and Safety Critical Teams to offer end-to-end management of all footbridge examinations on railways, whether it’s a quick visual or detailed inspection.

Our Examiners will inspect all elements of the footbridge and make note of any defects in brickwork or masonry, vegetation, glazing, alignment and corrosion.

  • A small footbridge across a river.

Examinations can include:

• Trackside face parapet sections
• Soffit
• Abutments and piers
• Outside of roof (enclosed footbridges only)
• Thickness of metallic parts
• Inside face of the parapets
• Structural parts of stairs, treads, risers, landings, stringers and balustrades
• Approach signage and fencing
• Missing or damaged anti-slip treatment

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