Culvert Examinations

AK-Rates Examiners have a wealth of experience in carrying out extensive and thorough visual and detailed examinations of culverts and bridge culverts, in accordance with Network Rail timescales and Lifesaving Rules.

The examiner will inspect all elements of the structure, making note of any defects to the brickwork, masonry, steelwork or concrete.

We provide our customers with a first rate “One Stop” service with in-house possession planners, underwater examiners and safety critical staff.

We also provide a CCTV service for structures identified as inaccessible.

  • Structural Rail Inspection for culverts

Examinations can include:

• Headwalls
• General alignment of the track and ballast
• Lineside vegetation and boundary fencing
• Culvert bore
• External Elements of the Structure

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