Experienced in Many Aspects of Structural Rail Inspection

With over 30 years’ experience in the structural rail inspection industry, we provide highly experienced teams to deliver end-to-end rail engineering and infrastructure services for clients.

Our expertise cover Project Management, Structure Examinations, Diving and Signalling and Telecommunications.

Project Management

Our possession planning team has over 20 years combined experience to provide us with a range of requirements for the planning of Possessions, Line Blockages and preparing Safe Work Packs.

Structure Examinations

Our chief priority is to provide a full and competent team of examiners to carry out examinations and assessments of railway structures under the Civils Examinations Framework Agreement (CEFA).

We have accomplished staff to deliver structural rail inspections across a range of structures, whether this be a visual or full detailed examination, including:

Underwater Examinations

We work directly with highly experienced divers to offer underwater services including:

• Diving
• Underwater Surveys & Repairs
• Bridge Inspections
• Confined Space Examinations

Examples of Structural Railway Inspections:

  • A small footbridge across a river.
  • Structural Rail examinations for tunnels
  • A single span brick underbridge .
  • Structural Rail Inspection for culverts
  • A single span brick overbridge over railway line.
  • Rail Inspection of railway structures
  • Structural Rail examination of railway structures
  • A double span brick overbridge.
  • A small metal footbridge over a two lane road.
  • A large multiple span brick overbridge.
  • A brick underbridge in a town.
  • A large concrete footbridge across a railway line in the countryside.
  • A brick overbridge at a railway station.

Specific Types of Rail Structure Examinations

The AK-RATES examination team have worked on a variety of Structures within the Railway and Highways environment, including a full range of underwater examinations and CCTV. A full List of the structures we can deliver is provided below:

Rail engineering work done includes…

Concrete and Brick Underbridges

Brick Overbridges

Bridge Culverts



GSMR Masts


Retaining Walls


Coastal Estuary Walls