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AK-RATES Ltd is a dynamic rail engineering services company providing a “one stop shop” for the delivery of rail projects – specialising in rail structures examinations.

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Their primary role is the examination and inspection of all types of railway network structures to ensure they are fit for the safe passage of trains, railway personnel and the public.

Our Examiners

Key Rail Engineering Services

Our team comprises of skilled Structure examiners, Project Managers, Planners and railway engineering service specialists who can deliver projects in a variety of functions which include:

  • CEFA Structure Examinations
  • Project Management for Rail Enhancements
  • Fibre telecom planning
  • Multi discipline Enhancement projects

Rail Examination Capabilities

All examination types for Railway Structures Overbridges, Underbridges, footbridges, Culverts, Coastal and sea defence walls, Retaining Walls, GSMR Masts and other equipment supporting Structures, Line of route and Ancillary structures.

Professional Railway Structure Examiner Team

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Experts in Safe Rail Engineering Services and Inspections