A K Rates Ltd have continued operating throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.

Our operations are vital to maintaining and improving the telecom and Rail infrastructure that we all take for granted, ensuring all our work is completed in a professional manner. This is why our engineers are classed as key workers.

We are proud of our excellent track record on health and safety and we continue to maintain high standards with the help of our engineers. Using the guidance provided by the Government, the NHS and the World Health Organisation, we have updated our working practices and supported our engineers with additional equipment so they can protect themselves, their families, our clients and the wider public.

We have been able to retain our engineers and continue to provide our services to the telecommunications industry.

Maintaining the railway within the Wales and South West Areas

So, if you see our engineers working Near your premises please be patient as their work is essential and they will abide by the Covid 19 social distancing rules.